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Sukhumvit soi-19 Bangkok,Thailand
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Bangkok Office:
9.00 am. - 18.30 pm.
Mon -Sat ( close on Sunday )


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Planning Your Trip

1. What type of visa is required to come to Thailand for a dental treatment?

Once you received a dental treatment plan from Bangkok Dental Spa, you are qualified to get a tourist visa to come stay for treatment in the Kingdom of Thailand. There is a good possibility in the future that dental treatment will be included in a new type of visa to support medical tourism in Thailand which may allow patients from certain nations to stay in the country longer for medical treatment. Please check back regularly for updates on the progress of the medical tourism visa.

2. How can I choose the right dentist and the right dental care provider?

We have all known the power of words of mouth. Therefore, we suggest you converse with the friends and family who may have the experience with a dental care provider to get information on their satisfaction with the service received. Please also check out their smiles to see for yourself whether it they send positive impact on the people around them. However, if none of your friends and family have the experience, we suggest you find testimonials of real patients who have agreed to share their experience with others. These information can be found on websites of trustworthy dental facilities such as Bangkok Dental Spa.

Be aware of those who act as agents whose ultimate goal is to get as many people to bite the bait without concerns for quality of products and services they will receive. The number of medical agents is growing in parallel to the deal they offer. If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Get in direct contact with Bangkok Dental Spa and personally plan with the highly qualified professional who can better address your concerns and tend to your dental needs.

3. How can I best prepare for my trip to receive a dental service in Thailand?

A contact with the highly qualified professionals at Bangkok Dental Spa to write up a treatment plan is strongly encouraged. Though it is usually possible that a patient may receive a complete procedures of service within one visit; however, it is usually true in simple dental cases that does not require special procedures. However, if you plan to get a dental implant or a full-mouth rehabilitation, it is quite normal for patients to make multiple trips to Thailand for a complete set of proper services. In such cases, the first trip (1 week est.) is usually spent on consultation with the team of professionals, a complete dental check-up, and other basic preparation necessary for the treatment. The trips after (1-3 weeks est.) are for the real deal in which patients and professionals are confident of the treatment given and received. You should keep in mind that the best dental service should be tailor made, and only then can a patient receive individual attention to his/her problem and the right service be delivered and received. And, of course, traveling around beautiful Thailand is always an option that can be added on to any part of the trip and at any time.

4. Are the products and services guaranteed?

It depends on the service provider whether they will offer a guarantee on products and services offered. At Bangkok Dental Spa, we offer guarantee on a full list of our products and services though our patients rarely need them. The correction or adjustment should be made at Bangkok Dental Spa only. However, in case of an emergency that requires a patient to go to his/her local dentist to fix the problem, he/she should send a treatment plan to us for future treatment purposes when he/she comes in to claim the work. The treatment to correct the problem is free of charge, but the travel arrangement is still a responsibility of the patient.

5. Should I go with the best deal in town?

There is a saying that “once you go cheap, cheap is what you shall receive.” We do not recommend that you make your decision based on price alone. Flying all the way to Thailand in which the place is known for its beautiful smiles, a beautiful smile is what you should bring back home with you. The cost of dental treatment in Thailand is already a fraction of what you may have to spend in your own country. You are already saving money. Do not let it becomes a problem for you later on by making the wrong decision. Bangkok Dental Spa takes great pride in our work for our patients should not worry about questioning the value of what they spend on the service they receive from us.

6. Can I find a dental facility that can address all my dental needs?

Yes, you can. Bangkok Dental Spa is a one-stop-dental-service-provider who offers a complete range of products and services that can be combined and tailor made to your dental need. Examples of services and the time it takes to complete are as follows:

cosmetic veneers—from 1 to 2 week

full-mouth rehabilitation—from 3 to 4 weeks

simple implant—from an hour service for the first trip and 2 weeks for the second trip for abutment and crown on the implant

full mouth implants—from 1 to 3 weeks for each of the 1 to 3 trips depending on the treatment plan

cosmetic crown zirconium or a veneer—3 days

root canal treatment—from 1 to 7 days for each of the 1 to 3 visits

cleaning—30 minutes

teeth whitening—45 minutes

7. How should I prepare my budget?

The best thing to do is to contact us prior to making a plan for your trip. Our highly qualified professionals will be able to take a look at your case based on the information relating to your case such as x-ray film, picture of your smiles and teeth, dental report, etc. We will help you come up with the best individual dental plan that is most appropriate to your dental needs. Only then, you will receive an approximate number that you will need to prepare for receiving your dental work done here at Bangkok Dental Spa. Please remember to prepare for traveling expenses. Thailand is known for its beautiful customs, festivals, and natural surroundings throughout the regions. You should not miss a beat of fun while in the country. And please do not hesitate to let us know if you need any help making your travel arrangement—hotels, places to go, attractions, restaurants, etc. We are here to help make your visit to Bangkok Dental Spa the most memorable one.

8. What is the best way to make my payment?

When you know the approximation of how much your dental plan will cost, we suggest you check with your banking service provider for the maximum charges you can make on your credit cards before making your trip. We hold fast to our advance payment policy before receiving a dental treatment after a detailed dental check-up and a written dental treatment plan is finalized. You have a choice to pay a full amount in cash when you get here. One way of making a payment is by money advance. Another way is to wire the amount in via internet banking. However the case, please do not forget to bring in, fax, or scan a copy of the receipt to us so we can check for the amount in your name. We will provide you with channels for payment along with your dental plan. And if you have any question regarding how to pay for the services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

9. Can I use my insurance to cover for the expenses at Bangkok Dental Spa?

We do work with you on insurance, but only with limited responsibility on our part. You must provide us with a form from your insurance company in order for us to fill out the necessary information. In any case, payment must be made in full by the patients prior to receiving the service. Bangkok Dental Spa will issue documents showing the services items received for the patients to take back to make claim with their respective insurance company.

10. Why Bangkok Dental Spa?

Bangkok Dental Spa pride ourselves as a one-stop-dental-service-provider who take care of all dental issues for our patients. We believe in a philosophy of only providing master-piece dental plan and services for our patients. Our goal to provide the best dental service experience to only oversea patients remains true from day 1. Bangkok Dental Spa understand the effort our patients put into making a trip to Thailand for dental services, therefore, our highly qualified professionals and staff aim at spending a great amount of time to carefully plan and provide the most values for our patients in exchange for the effort and trust they have given us. Though walk-ins are mostly welcomed, our patients usually make appointment in advance. The practice encourages our patients to plan their schedule in Thailand effectively as they should find better use of their time on activities other than waiting excessively for getting a dental treatment.

We are confident in our philosophy and practices as all are gearing toward giving the best dental experience to our patients. We assess our success by the number of patients return to us over the years. The record shows that more than 90 percent of our patients have returned to Bangkok Dental Spa. Most returns to just say “Hi” while they are on their second, third, or however much the number of visits to Thailand. Many return to get more work done as they are so pleased with the services previously received. However, a more important indicator of our success is the number of referrals our patients has made to their friends and family members. This only means one thing, and that is we have achieved the goal that we have set for ourselves, and that is to be the best dental care provider for our patients.