Cosmetic dentistry, Bangkok, Thailand

Cosmetic dentistry, Bangkok, Thailand

Cosmetic dentistry, Bangkok, Thailand

Cosmetic dentistry, Bangkok, Thailand

Cosmetic dentistry, Dentist Bangkok, Thailand

Cosmetic dentistry, Bangkok, Thailand

Laser dentistry, Bangkok, Thailand

Dental Cosmetic dentistry, Bangkok, Thailand

Dental implant, Dentist Bangkok, Thailand

Dental implant, Dentist Bangkok, Thailand

Dental Services

Even the most stoic among us is likely to get anxious during a visit to a dentist. The antiseptic smell, glaring lights and the whirring of the dental drill make people shy away from a dental clinic.

But all this is a thing of the past at the revolutionary Bangkok Dental Spa!
Unlike your typical dental clinic, Asia's first dental spa has the ambiance of a five-star beauty retreat. Soft slippers, moodscape music in the background, the sweet aroma of lavender and lemongrass in the air, a soothing body - it is more like a visit to a day spa than a date with your dentist..

The whole place is luxuriously spacious - a total of 300 square meters, enough to accommodate 15 modest dental rooms. But Bangkok Dental Spa has only five dental chairs to make sure it has enough room for other amenities, like a waiting lounge with free Internet access and refreshments.

But don't get it wrong. Bangkok Dental Spa is, first and foremost, still about high-quality dentistry - laser tooth whitening, fillings, dentures, implants, crowns and veneers and a host of other cosmetic dentistry jobs. All this at a fraction of their costs in the West!

Equipped with the latest in dental gadgetry, Bangkok Dental Spa is run by a team of highly skilled dental professionals, with the help of foreign consultants, including Dr. Fred Bergman- a leading German implantologist , and Dr.Christopher Walinski- a leading American dentist in World Clinical Laser Institue and Laser Certifications through the Academic of Laser Dentistry.

As a full-fledged dental clinic, Bangkok Dental Spa offers the following services:

General dentistry

  • Examination, Radiographic examination (X-ray) with OP and AP film
  • Scaling and curettage, root planning
  • Simple and Impacted extractions
  • Root Canal Treatment (1 or 2 visit for molars)
  • Tooth restoration with composite, amalgam, or temporary restoration materials.
  • Fillings with tooth-colored filling material
  • Simple extraction, Complicated extraction, Tooth Impact or embedded tooth removal

Cosmetic dentistry

  • Laser tooth whitening “Laser Smile TM”
  • In-office tooth whitening - with home gel and tray system.
  • Veneering - veneer facings with empress.
  • Instant orthodontic treatment - cosmetic dentistry procedure to correct mild mal-alignments (veneering)
  • Inlays and onlays - in empress, porcelain.
  • Crown and bridge - Porcelain Inceram, Zirconium , Empress, aluminiumoxide base for strength and beauty without the dull reflection of a metal.
  • Crowns - porcelain without metal base, porcelain fused to metal , gold and inceram
  • Removable partial Denture and full denture.
  • Immediate Denture

Laser dentistry

  • Laser tooth whitening - with the revolutionary Diode laser machine from LASER SMILE ,USA for quick and effective result.
  • Laser gummy smile treatment - soft tissue crown lengthening, in the case of gummy smile and short teeth.
  • Laser frenectomy
  • Laser operculectomy - for the last molar (teeth)
  • Laser periodontal treatment - pocket elimination and curettage with laser beam.
  • Laser gingivectomy

Dental implant

  • Simple single dental implant and multiple implants.
  • Immediate implants - to replace missing or broken teeth caused by accident ;in root canal treatment failure, or as an immediate replacement after extraction. (Selected Case Only)
  • Implant for edentulous - to replace loose dentures for upper or lower arches with metal, acrylic or valplast with the implant-retained dentures. Also could be replaced the full denture with fix porcelain and bridge on the upper 8-10 implants and lower 6 implants . Or simple replace with fixed hybrid which is the combination between fixed dental implants and a removable denture without bone graft needed.
  • Bone grafts - for simple or severe bone loss under local
  • Sinus lift.

Bangkok Dental Spa
27 Methawattana building 2nd,
Sukhumvit soi-19, Bangkok,Thailand (2 min.walk from Asoke BTS station)
Hot Line (662)-651-0807, (66)-080-9956195 | Fax. (662) - 651- 0729